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In our last edition we used a print from Harper’s Weekly by the artist Thomas Nast to illustrate the point that political corruption will probably never end. Tax payers, voters, citizens must be continually on the lookout for the misdeeds of our elected officials. However, there is a time to set aside that burden and focus on the joy of family and friends during the Christmas season. Thomas Nast did just that and in one of his most famous engravings created and popularized our modern image of the Christmas figure. Above is Mr. Nast’s 1881 engraving of “Merry Old Santa Claus”. He contributed 33 Christmas drawings to Harper’s Weekly from1863 through 1886, and Santa is seen or referenced in all but one.  The engraving doesn’t completely get away from his message. It’s cheery and bright, but right away you notice the child’s belt with the letter “US” and the sword. Nast wants to make Christmas about the nation, and national abundance. With that we disagree. Christmas is a decidedly Christen day celebrating the birth of Jesus.
Merry Christmas to all of our faithful readers.
Albrecht Durer “The Nativity” 1504
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